Clipless FAQ's

How strong is this magnet?

It’s hard to appreciate how strong the magnet is until you feel it for yourself. To give you an idea, Clipless can pick up a 12 lb sledge hammer!

Will my phone fall off?

No. You can run or exercise with your phone and it’s not going anywhere.

Is it safe around credit cards?

Yes. Clipless patent pending technology is shielded to protect against INCIDENTAL contact with credit cards and any other magnetically sensitive materials. If you intentionally rub any kind of magnet against the magnetic stripe of a credit card, it will eventually be erased.

Does it damage clothing?

If your phone gets caught on something, Clipless is designed to release before anything tears. However we do not recommend using Clipless on finer fabrics such as silk. We also suggest using Clipless with a standard phone skin or case in order to better protect your phone for any situation.

Will it work with my clothing?

Clipless is designed to work on any single layer of fabric. However the thicker the fabric, the weaker the magnetic connection. We do not recommend using Clipless on fabrics thicker than your typical hooded sweatshirt.

Is the adhesive reusable?

No. The peel and stick adhesive is designed for single use only. However, Connectors with adhesive are sold separately so that when you upgrade your phone, there’s no need to upgrade Clipless, just get a replacement connector.

Does it affect my battery life or signal quality?

Nope! Clipless is shielded so that both signal quality and battery life will not be affected.

Are there any adverse health effects?

Clipless is very safe. The World Health Organization has issued a formal statement confirming that static magnetic fields under 2 Tesla pose no health risks. No complications have ever been reported. However, they should not be worn with implanted medical devices (pacemakers or insulin pumps, etc.). Did you know…

  • Pacemakers: Studies have shown that an ear bud head phone has the ability to interfere with pacemakers within a 3 cm range. However, when the magnetic field is removed, the pacemaker is designed to resume as normal. We recommend keeping Clipless at least 6 inches from a pacemaker, and recommend that persons having a pacemaker do not use our product.
  • Additional concerns: Please consult the following list of concerns from the link below. Afterwards, if you still have a strong concern, we encourage that you contact us directly.

Can I take it with me through airport security?

You bet! Like any other metallic or magnetic article, it must be removed and placed in the bin in order to pass through the x-ray machine.